Land and Real Estate

Residential Land for Sale

The City of Corner Brook has no residential land for sale at this time.   For further information please contact the Supervisor of Land Management Mr. Jonathan Pynn at 637-1544 or email

 Commercial Real Estate

If you are looking to rent or lease commercial space, local real estate agencies may have listings. See our Business Directory>Real Estate section for a listing of agencies. Many property owners will place a sign in the window of thier vacant buildings advertising for tenants. Interested indiviuals may also check the classifieds section in the local newspaper for available properities.

Commercial Land

The City of Corner Brook has land available for sale which is zoned as “general industrial”. Continue to check this website for listings of commercial land for sale by the City of Corner Brook.

Address: Lundrigan Business Park  


Rate Per Area

2.8 Acres

$23,500 Per Acre

20.6 Acres

$32,500 Per Acre

 View the map of the location of these acres. 

 Please contact Jonathan Pynn, Supervisor of Land Management for the City of Corner Brook at 709-637-1544 or