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Corner Brook


Star Rating

Street Address

Comfort Inn

41 Maple Valley Road
Phone: 709-639-1980

Glynmill Inn 1B Cobb Lane
Phone: 709-634-5181
Greenwood Inn & Suites

48 West Street
Phone: 709-634-5381

Hotel Corner Brook 47 Main Street
Phone: 709-634-8211
Quality Inn Corner Brook 64 Maple Valley Road
Phone: 709-639-8901

Bed & Breakfast

Garden Hill Inn 2 Ford's Road
Phone: 709-634-1150
Brookfield Inn 2 Brookfield Avenue
Phone: 709-639-3111
Efficiency Units    
Bayview Haven Housekeeping Unit 168 Humber Road
Phone: 709-639-9795
Hillside Haven Housekeeping Unit 43 Hillside Road
Phone: 709-639-8487
NuDawn Manor 60 Gillam's Road
Phone: 709-634-1276
Rivers End Motel 2 North Shore Highway
Phone:  709-634-4662
Grenfell Campus University Drive
Phone: 709-637-6255/709-637-6244
Stef's Suites 54 North Street
Phone: 709-634-4609/640-5484


Kinsmen Prince Edward Campground & RV Park


North Shore Highway, park entrance is 2 km from Riverside Drive Route 440 
Phone: 709-637-1580

 Surrounding Area 

Hotels Star Rating Street Address
Candlelite Bay Inn 439 Main Street, York Harbour
Route 450
Phone: 709-681-2853
Marble Inn 51 Dogwood Drive, Steady Brook                              Route 1 (TCH), Exit 8
Phone: 709-634-2237
Bed & Breakfast    
Captain Cook's Trail Bed and Breakfast and Cottages



Main Street,York Harbour
Route 450
Phone: 709-681-2906
Edgewater Inn Bed and Breakfast 14 Forest Drive, Steady Brook                                    Route 1 (TCH), Exit 8
Phone: 709-634-3474/709-632-3136
Wilton's Bed and Breakfast 57 Marble Drive, Steady Brook                                   Route 1 (TCH), Exit 8
Phone: 709-634-5796


 Beth MacNeil Luxury Chalets 


Little Rapids
Route 1 (TCH), Exit 11
Phone: 709-785-2177

Kindlewood Chalets  

8 Marble Drive Extension                                      Route 1 (TCH), Exit 8

Phone: 634-9555 / 640-3067

The Lodges at Humber Valley  

Little Rapids
Route 1 (TCH), Exit 11
Phone: 709-637-6725/709-640-0070

Visit Humber Valley Little Rapids
Route 1 (TCH), Exit 11
Phone: 709-686-2500
Marble Villa Steady Brook                                                                 Route 1 (TCH), Exit 8
Phone: 709-637-7666
Marblewood Village Resort 8 Thistle Drive, Steady Brook                                      Route 1 (TCH), Exit 8
Phone: 709-632-7900
George's Mountain Village Cottages Steady Brook                                                              Route 1 (TCH), Exit 8
Phone: 709-639-8168