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Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture

No matter what time of the year you visit Corner Brook there is always something going on- from craft fairs, to live music, theatre – there is something for everyone! Theatre, visual art, music, and dance are just some of the arts that can be enjoyed while you stay in Corner Brook.

Current Productions

The 11th Annual APRIL RABBIT
Performances and readings by Emily Fleming, Danielle O'Connor, Darren Sharpe, Pamela Gill, Tim Clarke, Kyran Pittman, John Steffler, Adam Legge, Karyn Inder, Courteney Pritchett, Jeremy Smith, Stephen Andrews, Andy Woolridge, Douglas Walbourne-Gough, and Martine Robicheau.

This year's April Rabbit will also launch a new book of writing by emerging West Coast talents in Humber Mouths 2: Voices from the West Coast of Newfoundland,
edited by Stephanie McKenzie and Douglas Walbourne-Gough, featuring new poems by Tim Clarke, Douglas Walbourne-Gough, Dan Murphy, Ashley Neary, Andrew James Bowers, Meghan Greeley, and Darren James Sharpe.  Being held at King Henry's Pub, Glynmill Inn.


For theatre productions and show times, please contact the following centres or theatre groups.

Arts and Culture Centre
3 University Drive

Fine Arts Program, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College – Memorial University

Off Broadway Players

Theatre by the Bay
709-637-6200 Ext. 6368

Theatre Newfoundland Labrador

Stage West Theatre Festival
181 Humber Road
Corner Brook, NL  A2H 1H2      PH:(709) 632-1132



Corner Brook is home to an array of public and private retail galleries.   These galleries showcase local artists in a variety of mediums and provide a glimpse of the social and cultural history of our province. 

Ewing Gallery
1B Cobb Lane, Glynmill Inn

JL Art Gallery
86 West Street

L.A.W.N - League of Artists of Western Newfoundland
709-635-3604, 709-639-5968

Newfoundland Shoppe and Gallery
86 Broadway


Picture It In a Frame
1 Mount Bernard Avenue, Valley Mall

State of the Arts Gallery
2 Herald Avenue, Millbrook Mall, Lower Level