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Many families in Corner Brook own a car for travel around the city and province. However, there is a public city bus service and taxis if you do not own a car. Or you can rent a car for short periods of time. Traffic in Corner Brook is minimal and traffic jams are non-existent.   
The city is in the process of planning a bicycle path network. As well, the main roads have sidewalks and lighting for safe walking. 

Bus Transit

During the week from Monday to Friday, Corner Brook Transit operates several bus routes around the city between 7am and 7pm. The routes cover the various neighborhoods with stops at shopping areas, hospital and senior centres, and college campuses. The cost is $2.50 per ride, $1.25 for children less than 12 and free for children less than 5 years of age. Ride cards and monthly passes are available with special rates for students and seniors. 
All bus routes meet at Remembrance Square on the corner of West Street and Main Street in downtown Corner Brook in which you can transfer to another bus route, if needed. 
There are 4 bus routes operating between 7 am – 10 am and 3 pm – 7 pm. 
Route 1 covers the area of Curling along O’Connell Drive and returning to downtown via Petries and Curling Streets. 
Route 2 covers the Humber Heights area of town via Humber Road, Park Street, West Valley Road, Brookfield Avenue, Murphy Square, and Premier Drive. 
Route 3 covers the West part of the city including Country Road, O’Connell Drive, Elizabeth Street, and University Drive.
Route 4 connects the area around Sir Wilfred Grenfell College to Corner Brook Plaza and Murphy Square and returning downtown via East Valley Road. 
Between the hours of 10 am to 3 pm, the 4 routes are combined to make 2 longer routes. 
Route 5 is a combination of Route 1 and Route 4 as described above.
Route 6 is a combination of Route 2 and Route 3 as described above.
For more information, please contact Corner Brook Transit at 634-7287.
Taxis are available all the time during the day and night. The best way to get a taxi is to telephone and request a car to pick you up. You can also walk to their taxi station if nearby. 
The cost starts at $3.40. A meter will continue to add cost based on how far the drive and how long it takes to get there.   An average cost for a taxi across the city is about $10. A taxi ride to Marble Mountain in Steady Brook will cost $20.
To go to the Deer Lake Airport, taxi companies offer a flat rate of $60. Or you can take the shuttle bus from the Greenwood Inn & Suites on 48 West Street to the airport for $22 per person.  
Birchy Cabs
1 Caribou Road & 330 Curling Street
City Cabs
4 Caribou Road
Corner Taxi
191 O’Connell Drive
634-5662 or 634-7681
Star Taxi
100 West Street


If you wish to purchase or lease a car, Corner Brook has dealerships for most of the major automotive brands. These companies can offer you a wide range of new or used vehicles to choose from. 
Car Dealership
119 O’Connell Drive
24 Confederation Drive
30 Confederation Drive
8 Bernard Ave
1 Hemlock Road
8 Maple Valley Road
26 Confederation Drive
Confederation Drive
Some people choose to rent a car for short periods of time (day, weekend, or a week). A rental car will cost between $26 and $50 per day depending on vehicle. 
Car Rental
10 Main Street
119 O’Connell Drive


City residents enjoy walking for exercise. However, the hills in the city make it difficult to visit many different places while walking. If you live close to downtown, there are many businesses and other amenities centrally located which allows people to walk relatively short distances to carry out daily activities.
The Corner Brook Stream Trail is a trail system that you can access throughout the city. Entrances are at Glynmill Inn, Park Street, Brook Street, City Hall, Margaret Bowater Park, Sir Richard Squires Building and Crocker’s Road. The trail system is in a forested area in the centre of town. It is a beautiful walking path that is well used by residents and visitors all year. The trail has signs at each entrance to help you pick your walking route.

Travel within Newfoundland and Labrador

The City of Corner Brook is located where the Humber River meets the Bay of Islands. There are many opportunities to explore communities close by in the Humber Valley or along the shores of the Bay of Islands. 

Day Trips

Bay of Islands
The Bay of Islands is so named because of the many islands located further out in the bay. Some of these islands and communities along the bay have been named after ships of the famous 17th century English explorer, Captain James Cook, who was here mapping the area. You can drive roads on either the south or north shores of the bay. 
To access the south shore, you continue along the main road from Curling onto Route 450 towards Lark Harbour. To go on the north shore you can drive to Riverside Drive in the city and cross the Humber River on a bridge to Route 440 towards Cox’s Cove. 
You will pass through various fishing communities on either drive and have beautiful scenic views of the Blow-Me-Down Mountains and ocean. The Blow-Me-Down provincial park is located near Lark Harbour on the end of the south shore and local residents often visit the beach at Bottle Cove in Lark Harbour. 
Humber Valley
In the Humber Valley, the first community east of Corner Brook is Steady Brook. Steady Brook is home to Marble Mountain, an alpine ski resort.   Pasadena has a popular beach along the river. Deer Lake has a park at the lake for camping and day use and the Insectarium, which is an interesting place to visit with your family.
Gros Morne National Park
At Deer Lake, you can turn north to drive to Gros Morne National Park, which is about 120 km from Corner Brook. Gros Morne National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has interesting mountains and freshwater fiords formed from glaciers. It is easily one of most beautiful places in the province and receives many international visitors because of the beauty and unique geology. You can enjoy a very scenic drive, be active in the area with many hiking trails, or take part in other activities like kayaking.
Heading west, you can travel to the town of Stephenville, about an 85 km distance, and explore the other communities located along the Port au Port peninsula. You will see evidence of the previous US Air Force base in Stephenville. The Port au Port peninsula has a unique mix of cultures from the recent American influence to the longer term Acadian French and Aboriginal cultures that are still very much alive and well in the area.

Longer Trips

East to St. John’s
St. John’s is the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador and is 700 km east of Corner Brook. St. John’s is the oldest city in North America and has a beautiful downtown near the waterfront. Sites of interest to visit while in St. John’s are: Signal Hill National Historic Site, Cape Spear Lighthouse, Geo Centre, The Rooms
If you drive the Trans Canada Highway (TCH) to St. John’s, you will drive through many of the main communities on the island such as Grand Falls-Windsor, Gander, and Clarenville, and so on.   The highway has many intersections to other roads to visit coastal communities.
Terra Nova National Park is located in the central part of Newfoundland and is about 435 km east of Corner Brook. 
North to St. Anthony & L’Anse aux Meadows
Heading north from Deer Lake, you can travel on the Viking Trail (Route 430) towards St. Anthony and L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site, which is the only known settlement in North America of the Vikings from 1000 A.D. The town of St. Anthony is about 470 km from Corner Brook and is the largest community in the northern part of Newfoundland. Here you can learn about Sir Wilfred Grenfell at the Grenfell Historic Properties. The university in Corner Brook is named after Sir Wilfred Grenfell who was a medical missionary for residents of northern Newfoundland and southern Labrador starting in 1892.

Ferry Service

Port aux Basques is 220 km southwest of Corner Brook. Marine Atlantic operates a ferry service from Port aux Basques to and from North Sydney, Nova Scotia.  


The closest airport to Corner Brook is Deer Lake Airport, about 50km east of the city on the Trans Canada Highway. The Deer Lake Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Atlantic Canada and has daily flights to and from St. John’s, Goose Bay, Halifax, and Toronto. 
Stephenville has an airport as well with regular flights to St. John’s.