There are numerous pieces of legislation which impact a municipal authority.  Council and its staff must abide by all relevant federal and provincial legislation when making decision.  Outlined below is a summary of the most pertinent legislations used by City officials

City of Corner Brook Act, 1990 enacts the continuation of the incorporation of and the municipal affairs of the City of Corner Book.  Amongst other items, the act sets out the legal framework, including definitions and regulations, for operations and administration of the City of Corner Book.

Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000 establishes the province’s land use planning system; allows the preparation, approval, and implementation of a range of planning documents; and provides for public input and an appeal process whereby development decisions can be subjected to independent review.

Occupancy and Maintenance Regulations, C.N.L.R. 1021/96 for human, or other, habitation and maintenance of a dwelling or structure.

Access to Information to Protection of Privacy Act, 2002 provides clarity for the right to information, and a personal privacy regime to limit the collection, use and disclosure of personal information held by government or any of its agencies.

Municipal Election Act outlines the administrative structure and requirements of the municipal election process in Newfoundland.  Under the Act, the City Clerk is responsible for conducting the elections in the City of Corner Brook.

Public Tender Act establishes the requirements for the calling and awarding of public tenders by all government-funded bodies.

Assessment Act provides the authority for carrying out an assessment of all real property in the province.  Assessments of real property are carried out by assessors employed by the Municipal Assessment Agency.  The Act also outlines a number of statutory responsibilities for municipal councils and municipal administrators in the assessment process.